For Kamille

Brown baby-doll eyes
That had to look into the face of evil.
Tiny, three-year-old ears
That likely heard the plot.
Did she cry for her mommy?
Scream out for her daddy?
Sweet little Cupcake,
Discarded like trash,
Devoured by evil,
But now, she sleeps with God.
We say her name;
Shout it to the top of Vulcan.
May she rest in peace.
I pray she did not suffer.


  1. Such a sad turn of events. My heart aches and my mind goes from anger, to outrage and back again. I ask myself, how could any human being be so cruel, so heartless? I prayed for forgiveness regarding the thoughts I have for the players in this evil act. Vengeance is the Lord's I know, but my instincts as a mother and now grandmother cause me seek revenge if only in my mind. Thank you Marie for this sweet poem of tribute for a precious gift that has been returned to her creator.


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