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The first step in my healing is...forgiveness

The morning after I was diagnosed with breast cancer, I was in bed buried beneath blankets with no immediate plans to emerge. There were plenty of Cinnamon Pop Tarts in the kitchen pantry and a paid-up subscription to Netflix to keep the kids at bay – at least for a few hours.
But, around 10 o’clock, my mama called and asked if she and her prayer partner could come over. Now, a request from my mother is not really a request. It is a courtesy call, so I knew that I needed to get up and get ready with the quickness.
I hadn’t combed my hair or taken a shower. I covered up the hole in my baggy sweatpants with an overstretched college T’shirt, put on my head rag (yes, “rag”), practiced a force smile and then braced myself for a visit.
My mom, a devout Christian who repeats my name at least 1,000 times in a sentence, and Mrs. Janice, a petite brown who has what we call “cat eyes,” walked in and greeted me with long hugs and sad eyes. Mrs. Janice was joined by her husband and we all gathere…