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Under the covering of Jimmie

Jimmie Lee Elliott Uncovered. That’s how my grandmother, the late Jimmie Lee Elliott had to navigate life in the Jim Crow South as a young widow and mother of seven children.  Everyday, she alone had to rise with the sun to work multiple jobs, stretch pennies into dollars, sit in night classes in pursuit of her education, and then tend to the seven little mouths she had to clothe, feed, and protect.  She was uncovered, but unbowed and unstoppable. On Sunday mornings, however, she would wipe her tears, slip into her favorite church dress and place a grand chapeau upon their head -- a crown. Despite racism, poverty, and loss, under a steeple and the cross, she could be queen for a day. With eyes towards heaven, she would let the healing, restorative balm of Jesus Christ wash over her and infuse her with strength to face the coming days. Though the years, she gained her education and was able to ascend to one of the highest positions in the post office. Those underneath her covering ex

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